Big Home Appliances

Our big home appliances consists in heat pumps. small refrigerators, air conditioner, water heaters and more IoT Technology. All the products being controlled with our SmartMart App, temperature, air, fan speed, pressure and a lot more functions.

Scenarios of our products Big Home Appliances

Air Conditioner

Having a real-time temperature that you can control with the app, such as turning it on or off, changing the speed or mode or even the wind direction if the control is not around.

The air conditioner allows you to set different temperatures for different periods at night and controls the room temperature based on your settings, providing a cozy environment for sleep.

If you have multiple air conditioners, you can connect them to a SmartMart gateway, and manage them collectively or individually.

Power and efficiency

Water Heater

This product is capable of adapting between gas and electric water heaters. They can meet the requirements of different users for warm waters in different time frames. You can use the app or voice command to regular the water heater to provide the temperature you desire.

You can use the scheduled heating function and the editable weekly program settings to set the work time and idle time of the water heater, to save energy while ensuring a stable warm water supply at different time points.

Efficient energy consumption


Real-Time Control

All our appliances are able to be controlled directly with SmartMart App. Functions such as, on/off, operation status, temperature mode.

Power Consumption

The power consumption can be recorded on an annual, monthly, or daily basis, giving you a clear picture of how much power it has consumed.

Maintenance reminders

Products record the service duration and informs you of any situation or problems that need to be changed or cleaned.

Voice Control

Integrated with the most popular third-party voice assistant: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Time Control

You can set the operating time, temperatures, wind speeds, and modes of the air conditioners to make your home more comfortable.

Fault Monitoring

Monitor the working status in real time, promptly push messages to remind users when the small refrigerator fails.

Big Home Appliances