Smart Light Source

Access control of your lights remotely with the SmartMart APP application, create your own captivating spaces by selecting the brightness you want at any time of day. Live SmartMart using voice commands by synchronizing your light source with devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Let us show you some scenarios for our light source and its uses


Lighten up your life with any of our products, control the environments lights with the colors or the amount of bright you wish to have.

Elegance, efficient and full control


With the advanced circadian rhythm-based lighting adjustment and the automated, coordinated control of indoor and outdoor lights, hotels can provide their guests with a human-centric, seamless, and comfortable lighting experience.

Elegance, wireless linkage and efficient


Bright Adjustment

With SmartMart App, you are free to adjust the amount of light you would like on a certain room or every room.

Color Adjustments

There are 16 million variety of colors you can choose. The possibilities are infinite.

Color Temperture

Our smart light has the chance to adjust how warm you want the light to be.


Having the lights able to turn on or off on a specific time whether your in or out your establishment.


You can customize a countdown timer to turn the light on or off automatically.

Scenario Control

There are multiple preset smart lighting scenarios, and you can switch to your desired ambient lighting with one tap.

Music Light

You can relax or entertain your guests with a light show by syncing the music with your favorite tunes.


This feature stores the state of a light upon a power failure or custom power-on light states. When power is restored after a failure, the light will automatically restore to its state before the power failure or to a predefined state.

SmartMart Light Source

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