Electrical Smart Efficient

Our solution for your home that has to do with electrical currency, such as: power strip, sockets, switches and dimmers.

Let us show you some scenarios of our Smart Electrical Efficiency looks like.

Outdoor Power Control

SmartMart outdoor power strips has the capacity to power whatever device is connected to it, turning them on/off whenever you please. You can also preset split channels according to your habits to achieve separate control of devices.

Efficiency with your power control.

Energy Saving Switches

Our SmartMart switches saves energy and reduces carbon emissions by changing the whole lighting control system. You can preset the amount of time you want certain lights to be on and then turn themselfs off. If used in a public place, same as before, if guest leave a certain room you can automatically turn them off.

Reducing carbon emissions.

Smart Socket Solutions

SmartMart Socket is a wireless communication technology that creates a relay for on/off control. The difference between a traditional socket and a smart socket is that it comes with a remote control, timer and a countdown setting. It can also save development costs and efficiency.

Wireless socket to improve your efficiency.


Remote Control

You can turn on/off any electrical appliance with the SmartMart app and check their actual status anywhere. If your leave home to work and your not your if you turned of an electrical appliance, don't worry you can check your app and verify.

Voice Control

If your devices are connected to a voice assistant and you don't have your phone with you, no problem, just ask your voice assistant to turn on/off any device.


With our devices, you can specify at what time you would like to turn on/off the lights.


With the SmartMart app you can set up an amount of time or period you would like to have your devices turned on or off. For example, you would like to have your living room lights turned on for an hour, it is posible and automatically the lights will turn off after an hour.

Child Lock

Our power strips and switches have a special Child Lock buttton. Whenever this function is activated the pysical button will be disabled, preventing random pushing or accidents.

Smart Linkage

You can connect different devices to each other with our SmartMart app. For example, you can connect a Smart Lock to the Smart lights, so everytime you open the main door your lights will turn on. So manu functions you can explore.

SmartMart Electrical