Kitchen Appliance Solutions

SmartMart Kitchen Appliance for your house. Solutions such as: Kettles, Air Fryers, Smart Ovens and more.

Let us show you some scenarios of our Smart Kitchen Appliance.

Temperature adjustment

Our SmartMart Kettle provides an automatic heat preservation function that can be enabled after the water has been boiled. 

Water at the right temperature is always ready.

Cater to different ingredients

The SmartMart Oven comes with five awesome functions, remote control, scheduling, texture settings, cooking parameter settings and a vast amount of recipes. All in just a single app.

Making it easier step by step.

Cooking temperature recommendation

The SmartMart Food Probe can recommend a specific temperature for 10 different ingredients you want to cook in a way to preserve the flavor and benefit your health. 

Keeping a stable temperature for your ingredients.


Time based cooking

With SmartMart app you can set a time reminder to control the cooking duration.

Temperature reminder

When connected to the app, you can set a specific temperature and the app will alert you when it has completed its job.

Various Heating

For the kettle, you may preset a temperature or boil water to a certain point and maintain the temperature you wish.

Remote Schedule

Using the SmartMart app you can automatically set a schedule thus boosting product efficiency.

Cooking History

If you were satisfied with a certain way of cooking, these will be saved in your app and ready to use again.

Smart Linkage

All of our Kitchen Appliances are linked to the app, you can program them so, for example, you come throught the front door, program it to start boiling water.

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