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Smart Bluetooth Locks for you house comes with multiple options such as, finger registration, combined password, security breach notification and more.

Let us show you some scenarios of our Smart Security Locks

Multiple Unlocking Methods

SmartMart Locks support Bluetooth near-field unlocking without network access. By using this gateway, you can remotely unlock the smart lock on your mobile phone.

Security Lock on your phone.

Temporary Unlocking

The Bluetooth LE smart lock can assign temporary permissions to meet a user’s diversified demands in daily life, social activities and business managments. You will have the ability to create a dynamic password or a one time password.

Temporary features for visitors or clients.

Easy Settings

You can stablish a Bluetooth near-field connection on the mobile app for smart operations like pairing, fingerprints or password enrolment, and mode settings. The maximum connection of the bluetooth is from 8 to 10 meters.

Fingerprints for security unlock.

Security Protection

SmartMart locks has an integrated personal security alarm if theres any anomaly. For example, if someone enters the password wrong too many time, picks the lock or if the battery is low. Our users will recieve a call or a message on their phones while the alarm is going off.

Temporary features for visitors or clients.


Unlocking Methods

Multiple options for unlocking with the app, fingerprnts, password, access card, face recognition.

Unlocking Record

If the client is in or out the house, SmartMart app will inform you of any activity at your door, either someone has unlocked it or ringing at the door. If configured properly it may also tell you which member of the family has arrived.

Real Time alarm

The alarm of the Smart Lock will be triggered if theres any anomaly happening. If so, a notification will be send to your App and letting you know what is happening.

Video Linkage

When a visitor is at your door you can have a conversation with them with the Smart Video Doorbell Lock and open the door with one touch of your finger in the app.

Third-Party Voice Control

Our Smart Lock supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can ask for the status of the lock, locking the door, unlocking the door and many more.

No paper manuals

The SmartMart locks have custom video tutorials and a electronic manual of the installation, it will come on a QR code.

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