Small House Appliance

The solutions provide various data transmission and management services to implement real-time presentation and interactive control of environmental maps by using inertial, laser, and visual navigation technologies.

Let us show you some scenarios of our Small House Appliances and its uses

Home Solution

Our Smart Robot vacuum cleaners comes with an inertial, laser, visual navigation technologies, environmental maps of different precisions and advanced functions such as room map management.

Your house mapped and ready to vacuum efficiently.

Office Solution

With the new generation of vacuum cleaners, we will bring to you robots with air purifyers and desinfectants. Allowing a better and healthier enviorment for the office.

Safety and efficiency is key.


Automatic Cleaning

Vacuums have two modes: cleaning and mopping mode. Also, providing multiple cleaning strategies such as automatic cleaning and area-specific cleaning.


SmartMart App allows you to show the room layout, cleaning routine and its location in real time. You are able to specify what and what not to clean.

Real Time Control

If you wish, you will be able to manually control the robot as you please. You don't need to be in the same household to control the robot if you choose to.


SmartMart App allows users to set up a time of cleaning and not to clean, whether your home or not, it is perfect for those long night-shifts.

Real-Time Video

Most of our vacuum cleaner come with an IP camera that you are able to see through your App, including a two-way audio talk.

Voice Control

You can relax or entertain your guests with a light show by syncing the music with your favorite tunes.

SmartMart Vacuum

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