Smart Camera IoT

You can watch live streaming or playback and receive alerts of unexpected events with the app. It keeps your home secure and safe. SmartMart provides integrated plug and play development solutions for smart cameras, including hardware, app, and cloud services.

SmartMart Camera IoT Scenarios

Home Security

The safety of our clients is one of our main priorities. SmartMart Cameras can be placed anywhere in your house, keeping an eye on what you wish to keep safe; entrance, windows or a hallway, you will be able to monitor any movement from anywhere using the SmartMart App. Even if your not able to see in real-time, the camera will record and save any strange activities in your SmartMart Cloud.

Safety and Control

Monitoring your pet

Having pets and not being able to know what they are doing is a factor that we also consider. Our cameras SmartMart can monitor what your pet is up to and you will be able to interact via voice. Yes, our cameras include a microphone and speaker. 

Monitoring your loved ones

Night Vision

Cameras have night-vision incorporated in them, that way if our client is out during an evening, they will still be capable to watch through our app and monitor the perimeter the camera is watching. Important to keep in mind, most of our cameras can be controlled either left and right or up and down.

Always vigilant


HD Image

High quality image is very important for our clients, providing a wide field of view, sharper image, 1080P and not missing any details.

Infrared (IR) Night Vision

In the case of low illumination without ambient light, the camera can use IR fill light and image processing technology to make objects clearly visible, and important events will not be missed.

Two-way talk

SmartMart Cameras have integrated microphone and speakers. Users are able to talk through the camera via the SmartMart App.

Cloud Storage

Users will have the option to upload footage to their cloud. Cloud storage can effectively prevent video loss caused by camera damage and local video damage.

Human Detection

Our cameras will detect human shaped forms and inform you of any movement if your not home. It will also filter any other shape that is not human shaped.

H.265 Encoding

Compared to H.264, the new generation of H.265 encoding will provide smoother and high quality transmission. Also, with this tech, you are able to save 50% of storage space with the same bitrate and pixel.

Smart Camera IoT