Smart Entertainment IoT

Smart TV can be connected directly to our SmartMart App giving you the posibility to control it or using an external smart speaker such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Escenarios of our Smart TV IoT

Smart Voice Control

A user can connect the TV to a third-party smart speaker through SmartMart App for direct voice control. Then, the user can turn the TV on or off, specify a channel, switch to the previous or next channel, adjust the volume, and specify an input source.

Easier and Efficient

Remote HD Video Surveillance

If our clients have SmartMart Cameras, they can connect and view them on the Smart TV. If the cameras support direction control, the user can also use a controller to remotely control the rotation of the cameras to have a better view.

Security within your reach

Linkage amongst smart scenarios

A user can link the TV to devices such as the smart lock and the door contact sensor. When the user comes home and opens the door, the TV is automatically turned on, playing the programs of a specified channel.



Account Sync

Our clients can sync their app mobile to the Smart TV and all the other smart devices.

Scene Control

Tap-to-run scenarios can be manually controlled in the TV app.

IP Camera Control

User with IP cameras can connect the device to the SmartMart TV and remote control the camera.

Mobile Control

After connecting their TVs to the SmartMart App, users can control their TVs in their mobile app.

Device Control

Users can use the TV app to conveniently control all devices under the same account, including turning them on or off and adjusting their brightness, temperature, and

Voice Control

Users can use third-party voice speakers to control their TVs through subscription of third-party voice skill services.

Smart Entertainment IoT