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More efficient devices for the environment

Make your live Smart Efficient IoT

We have been working on the first generation of SmartMart. Efficiency and security of our clients is the most important factor, including quality and comfort.

Small Home Appliances

We manufacture smart and efficient small appliances +AA

Big Home Appliances

We manufacture efficient appliances for smart controlled use

Smart Entertainment IoT 

We manufacture more efficient and connected entertainment equipment

Efficient Smart Lighting

We create lighting solutions efficiently and consciously

Smart Camera IoT

We develop security products to monitor what matters most to you

Smart Pet Zone

We develop solutions to connect you with your pets 24/7

Electrical Smart Efficient

Products for the integration of efficient and controlled IoT networks

Security IoT Smart

We develop IoT security products to control your home

Kitchen Appliances Solution

We create small and efficient appliances for your kitchen

Smart Health & Life

We develop products for your health and sport to integrate with SmartMart

Smart Electric Vehicle

We develop solutions for efficient electric mobility

Remote IR Smart

Infrared control RF control DIY learning function voice control

More efficient devices for the environment

Energy efficiency IoT Smart

soluciones industriales para el control de eficiencia energetica IoT by SmartMart

Energy Electrical Home

Products to manage your energy and control from SmartMart with PaaS IoT

Sensor  IoT Smart

We develop smart IoT sensors for standardized processes

Valve Controller Smart

We develop products for efficient control of water in the IoT cloud

Power Station IoT

Energy products to store and control from IoT SmartMart

Solar Smart Efficiency

We develop solar products to reduce energy consumption

Efficient Water Control

We develop products to control efficient water use with AI