Smart Pet Zone

We know every pet is different and that they should have a specific amount of food at certain times. That is why, with the SmartMart App, you will be able to control the amount and time your pet should be fed. Even if your not home, with the app you can check how much food there is and how much is left in de dispenser.

Scenarios for the Smart Pet

Business or holiday trips

In case a client is away for either work or holidays, will the pets get fresh and enough food? The answer is yes. SmartMart App allows the client to scheduel a time plan for and the amount of fresh food that will be provided for your pet.

Control and efficiency

Working Hours

Most of our clients are busy working until late hours or maybe just want to sleep more. Don’t worry, with functions such as real-time reminders for the portion in the dish or bucket, regular food supplies and manual replenishments, the users can be assured that their pets will be in good hands.

Reminders and replenishments

Too much or not enough?

If our clients pet has a irregular diet, eating too much or too little, our SmartMart Pet Feeder enables users to make a feeding plan based on their healthy diet. Also, it will record the pets eating habits and show you through the app. As mentioned before, you may scheduel a feeding plan to fulfill suficient fresh food everyday.

Plan scheduel and healthy feeding

Remote Message Push

Some pets may be a little too playful and could push the feeder, unplug the cord or bite it when they are left alone at home.

SmartMart App will send you anomaly alerts such as clogging, food shortage, power outage and low battery all in real-time. It will also send you reminders of succesful food supplies and drying agent replacement. So there is no need to worry, you will always be notified by our app.

Safety and notifications


Fixed Portion Feeding

SmartMart App can modify to a regular feeding plan or a custom one, making the feeding process efficient.

Local Feeding

After you have a scheduel a feeding plan on the app, it will do the job as long as you want. This also means that if there is no connection, it will still supply the food.


Users can check the feeding history and make a statistical analysis of the previous feeding portion on the app panel, to determine whether their pets are healthy.

Food Weighting

The food that is poured or left over is measured and monitored, that way our clients, with the help of the app, will know when to replenish.

Voice Recording

The is a speaker incorporated on the SmartMart Pet Feeder so you can speak live to your but, but also, you can pre-record your voice and play it while your pet is feeding.

Push Alerts

Our SmartMart Pet Feeder sends a message to our users whenever a specific events occurs. When the product is clogged, the food storage is low or when it feeds the pet.

Smart Pet Zone